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Making Sense Out Of Change!

Does this sound familiar?

“I really want to ____>fill in the blank with the change point of your choice.< I’m sick and tired of _____ >the opposite behavior and choice< This time I’m really determined! I’ve even _______ >place preparatory tools, services, etc. of your choosing here.< I know I’ll succeed this time!” … And then you don’t.

We think that making a change should be simple. If we just want it badly enough, or persist long enough, surely we will get there! 

We may have even tried this system or that program, only to have temporary success and then find ourselves set back even further from the life we want. We may even believe that we have failed the program, rather than the program failing us.

It can be so demotivating!

What's been missing

The broader truth is that we do not make change the way we think we make change! Having been there more than a few times myself, I developed a program that can help you make a permanent change without falling unto the usual pitfalls. 

This .pdf will take you through seven steps that are necessary to make permanent change in our lives. This is how we turn aspirations into goals, and goals into sustained change.

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