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Sankofa Unboxed Coaching is my platform for enhancing well-being through personalized coaching groups and an upcoming podcast.

If you've engaged with my content or worked with me, you're familiar with the term "ColonizerThink." Our US cultures stem from colonization, disrupting connections built over millennia.

ColonizerThink transcends any specific group of people. It promotes competition, the illusion of scarcity, and wields fear as a manipulative weapon. It pits us against one another and fractures our sense of belonging. It is learned. We can unlearn it.

The wounds created by ColonizerThink deteriorate our prefrontal cortices, undermining executive function, hindering learning, impeding error correction, and obstructing problem-solving. Historically, Indigenous peoples believe that "All things affect all things." This is the antidote to the damage of ColonizerThink from the microcosm of our own minds to the macrocosm of our world. 

Join me for transformative group coaching sessions designed to address the impact of ColonizerThink and shift towards a more life-giving way of being.

Each group member will have access to a private Reddit group for ongoing growth and support in between sessions. Each member will also receive a free copy of my e-book, "Making Sense Out of Change," which lays out the seven steps necessary for sustainable transformation.

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